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RFID Card Printing

High-Quality Material
RFID Card size – 8.5cm * 5.4 cm
Gloss finishing
Both sides can print



RFID Cards

“Empower your access control systems with RFID card printing services from Prints.lk. Our RFID cards are equipped with cutting-edge technology, allowing for seamless integration with your security infrastructure. With personalized printing options, including logos, employee details, and custom designs, our RFID cards offer both security and branding benefits. Trust Prints.lk to deliver high-quality RFID cards that streamline your operations and enhance security measures. Take your access control to the next level with our RFID card printing services.”RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology allows for the automatic identification and tracking of products, without the need for physical contact or line-of-sight. This means faster, more efficient inventory management and supply chain operations, as well as increased accuracy and reduced costs.

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