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Art Board (A4 Size) 260GSM (100PCS)

Thickness: 230GSM
Colour: White
Size: A4
Sheets: 100
Gloss Finish

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Art Board 260GSM 

Thickness: 260GSM
Colour: White
Size: A4
Sheets: 100

Compatible with Laser printers (Konica Minolta, Xerox, Toshiba, Ricoh, etc.) and offset printers.
Inkjet printers with art paper ink.
Usage: Business Cards, certificates, book covers, price tags, Sketches, Drawings, Coloring, DIY Art and Craft.

Art boards, especially those in A4 size and made of 260gsm paper, are commonly used for various artistic and creative purposes. Here are some common uses:

  1. Drawing and Sketching: A4-sized art boards are suitable for sketching and drawing with various mediums such as pencils, charcoal, ink, and markers. The weight of the paper (260gsm) provides sufficient thickness and durability to support different drawing techniques.
  2. Watercolor Painting: The sturdy nature of 260gsm paper makes it suitable for watercolor painting. A4-sized art boards allow artists to create small to medium-sized watercolor artworks with ease.
  3. Mixed Media Art: Artists often use A4-sized art boards for mixed media projects, combining different mediums such as acrylic paint, collage, ink, and more on a single surface.
  4. Illustration Work: Illustrators may use A4-sized art boards for creating illustrations for books, magazines, posters, or digital platforms. The smooth surface of the paper allows for clean lines and vibrant colors.
  5. Art Journaling: A4-sized art boards are popular for art journaling, where individuals combine drawing, painting, writing, and collage to express themselves creatively.
  6. Printmaking: Some printmaking techniques, such as linocut and monoprinting, can be done on A4-sized art boards. The weight of the paper ensures it can withstand the pressure and moisture involved in the printmaking process.
  7. Craft Projects: A4-sized art boards are suitable for various craft projects, including card making, scrapbooking, and paper crafting. The sturdy paper provides a stable base for gluing, cutting, and embellishing.
  8. Educational and Learning Activities: A4-sized art boards are often used in educational settings for art classes, workshops, and creative assignments. They are convenient for students to work on and easy to store.

Overall, A4-sized art boards made of 260gsm paper offer versatility, durability, and convenience for a wide range of artistic and creative endeavors.

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